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Safe Shower's mission is to install the unique shower head in public showers

located in hospitals, hotels, retirement homes, etc.

to reduce the number of outbreaks of Legionnaires' disease worldwide.


Legionella is a parasite bacteria, disinfecting the water system does not prevent the spread of legionella in the shower head. In order to prevent the development of the Legionella bacteria we must continue to disinfect the shower head even when water flow stops.

The best Legionella shower head filters that usually clogs up after a few months or weeks needs to be replaced and decrease water flow.

Hospitals and Hotels are required to perform an examination to detect Legionella in the bathing water, If the bacteria is detected at a concentration higher than the permissible the institution is committed to perform an expensive process, which can lead to a loss of time for maintenance personnel, lawsuits, Temporary closure of hospitalized evacuation or evacuation of hotel guests.

Low levels of chlorine, accumulation of scale and organic material in the shower head create an ideal environment for Legionella.

Legionnaires' disease is a hospital aquired disease!

Legionella's existence in private water systems as well. The estimated size of the market is tens of billions.

Unique Value Proposition:

We offer a solution with continuous disinfection much better than all the existing products on the market, Instead of an excellent Legionella shower head filter that usually clogs up after a few months and needs to be replaced at a cost of about 40$, we offer a product based on a Chlorine disinfection unit with continuous disinfection that is not required such maintenance at significantly lower costs.

We currently have a working chlorine based prototype.

The chlorine & PH test results show that Legionella and other bacteria will not survive.


The invention basically allows for any disinfection unit to operate in a place where it has not been able previously. We prevent the entry of air, thus allowing disinfection units to operate continuously, simple and smart.

Safe Shower invented a unique shower head, patent based, that minimizes the risk of Legionnaires' disease from sources of shower heads, by continuous disinfection in the shower head when the water stopped, with a small sized disinfection unit.

When air is prevented from entering the to the shower head when the water stops by the use of Mini silicon valves, we minimize exposure to aerosols that transmit the Legionella, minimize chlorine oxidization, and minimize formation of scale and organic sediments.


Filters in shower heads: the good ones require expensive maintenance, and with high purchase costs, and a decrease in water flow .

The cheap filters are a good ground for Legionella growing and risk increasing.

Washing water pipes with high levels of chlorine – very expensive.

Dismantling the shower heads and soaking them in chlorine solution or boiling– inefficient; Legionella will return right away after reassembly.

Covering the shower head with a nylon bag that contains chlorine – this solution requires a lot of manpower and time.

A number of hospitals and a number of hotels have expressed willingness to purchase the product after regulatory approval, Patent number WO2018116291

A positive examination report was received by the PCT. US Patent number 11,045,829 - Approved patent. The patent claims are very wide, we got the patent for the principle that safe showers disinfect the water when the flow stops.