"We are changing the way of preventing Legionnaires' disease worldwide"

Safe Shower Is a young venture, we invented a unique shower head, patent based, that minimizes the risk of Legionnaires' disease from sources of shower heads, by continuous disinfection in the shower head when the water stopped, with a small sized disinfection unit.  

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The invention basically allows for any disinfection unit to operate in a place where it has not been able previously. We prevent the entry of air when the water stops, thus allowing the disinfection unit to operate continuously, smart and simple.

Legionella is a parasite bacterium, disinfecting the water system does not prevent the spread of legionella in the shower head. In order to prevent the development of the Legionella bacteria we must continue to disinfect the shower head even when water flow stops. 

Outbreaks are commonly associated with like hotels and resorts, long-term care facilities and hospitals, Legionella's existence in private water systems as well this market is estimated at billions. this is a unicorn.